Fast Hiring

Your technology team building starts with hiring where we meticulously pick candidates from the talent pool to match requirements of your business.


To find the top talent

Organizations need both hard and soft skills along with an overlap of values and relevant experience which is difficult to unearth from a scattered and unorganized talent pool.

To save on hiring costs

The cost efficiency in hiring is difficult to achieve with accelerating expenses on human capital, processes, infrastructure, commissions, disengagements and onboarding delays.

To avoid hiring delays

70% of positions fill only after 100 days of requisition. To find the right talent, several hurdles and losses are faced which can be effectively avoided.


Ajackus focuses on maintaining a hiring pipeline that provides maximum visibility into the candidate evaluation process and aims to fill your vacancies swiftly at zero cost. Let’s explore how!

Scenario Automations

Our 30+ automated processes maintain seamless and agile hiring workflow for candidates, hiring managers and the clients.

Custom Built Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

We have developed an applicant tracking system customizable and scalable as per the needs of various hiring requirements.

Data-driven Dashboards

We have built real-time dashboards where we gauge the hiring pulse, churn out helpful statistics and oversee workflow progress.

Detailed Engineer Profiles

We have created detailed engineer profiles for our clients to conveniently ascertain the compatibility of candidate skills with their requirements.

Remote Technology Team Builder

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We are available in 5 cities and also on the world wide web making us reachable to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.