We empower visions and solve real-world problems while providing the best technology teams

Ajackus motivates and supports brilliant minds, great ideas, and high-caliber technology projects. With a winning spirit and never-give-up attitude, our teams work to achieve incredible results for every user.

The story behind our name


In 2005, Ajax changed the way we used the web. Abacus did something similar for math calculations. Naturally, when coming up with a name for our company based on groundbreaking technologies, we came up with Ajackus – Ajax + Abacus.

Our Journey

Ajackus started 10 years back in a living room with a passion for empowering people with technology. Our first client product - Dotloop, launched in 2013 and made history with a $110 million acquisition in the United States by a real estate behemoth Zillow Inc.

We have touched millions of lives and helped our clients make an upgrade in fintech, lead the change in health-tech, transcend geographies with advancements in travel-tech, and bring infrastructure to the fingertips through prop-tech.

Today, we are honored and humbled by the diversity of teams we build with engineers coming from all parts of India. With critical thinking and emotional intelligence, they must play a role to make the world a better place and continue to code our collective success.

We love what we do

Passion is a way of life at Ajackus. We are a group of people that derives immense satisfaction from our work as we do what we love and thus we love what we do. Our teams commit to set high standards for tech projects because our motivation is not material but aspirational.

Our values

Our values represent the spiritual compass of our company. They are what keep us going!

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