Global Networking

We empower your career growth by sharing our own stage set with opportunities that your talent deserves. Learn why and how we do it.


To find befitting opportunities

We understand the strain of not finding the right fit of a workplace and help you reach organizations that are not just looking for your skills but also value you.

To network with rare prospects

It is intimidating for even experienced talents to reach out to global prospects for a position because of the high rejection rate. We eliminate that gap and connect you on our goodwill.

To sustain cross cultural collaboration

70% of positions fill only after 100 days of requirement. To find the right talent, several hurdles & losses are faced which can be completely avoided.


We create a web of opportunities through diverse efforts in networking to bring you the best of opportunities in the industry.

Reach in 10+ countries

We don’t limit ourselves to a certain geography while bringing you global opportunities and thus have clients in India, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Middle East and more.

Channel partners across 5 continents

Our channel partners contribute extensively in bringing clients from countries like New Zealand and Canada for whom we build remote technology teams.

Global events and conferences

We have access to reputed global business events and seminars which have been crucial for us to network and turn ideas into opportunities through collaboration.

Contact us

We are available in 5 cities and also on the world wide web making us reachable to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

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