How can companies help in employee growth?

By offering professional development opportunities, companies attract top talent while boosting employee engagement. Read more to know how they seamlessly integrate employee growth strategies.

by Team Ajackus

Aug 12, 2022 · 3 mins read

Employee growth is a joint initiative of both companies and team members to enhance the existing skill of an individual. In order to prevail in the industry, individuals must consistently develop new skills. Fewer of today’s careers include repetitive tasks and, they depend more on expanding the base of knowledge. Going beyond the work requirements, associates need to follow new trends in their industry and understand the business markets as well. This upskilling enables associates to match emerging career needs.

According to the recent Upskilling Outlook in India 2022 report by Great Learning, 79% of professionals, tech and otherwise, including freshers, have the intent to upskill. Learning and development have become one of the most important aspects when candidates decide where to work. The candidates set their sights on a company that invests in employee growth. Having a proactive approach in terms of the growth strategies of team members, Ajackus drives more productivity. In addition to this, Ajackus has a superb associate retention of 93%.

Ajackus strives to support upskilling team members with work skills by creating a culture that encourages training and clear communication. It is our duty to offer team members benefits that are innovative, inclusive, and futuristic. Ajackus achieves this with constant professional development initiatives. One such associate-oriented initiative is the Partnership Program.

Let us have an insight into the program and see how it benefits the team members. 

Partnership Program:

Ajackus believes in creating a rewarding atmosphere for its team members. The efforts and dedication do not go unrecognized. Hence, in order to value the efforts, Ajackus introduced the Partnership Program.

This initiative is quite revolutionary and is exclusive to Ajackus. With this, the individuals can gain the title of Partner within just one year of association with the company. It opens doors to enormous global opportunities. Along with this, the team members get greater authority of making decisions while gaining greater ownership of work. This program is an equal means to become an Entrepreneur. In addition to the exceptional benefits, Ajackus offers monetary gains, the Partners share a percentage of the benefits of all the profits.

Ajackus offers a place to be yourself while promoting progression.

Likewise, every company should have its unique set of initiatives that drive its employees towards empowerment. A substantial amount of time and energy needs to be invested.

Let us have a look at some of the other effective ways in which a company can contribute to upskilling.

1. Learning management systems:

With the learning management systems, companies establish effective learning platforms. This gives the team members an immense opportunity to go over training procedures. 

While giving access to learning assets, companies also include live interactive sessions in the form of Webinars. Moreover, with the help of evaluations, the company assesses the team’s learning curve. Going further, they customize employee growth paths according to individual skill sets. In order to create such tailored learning, Ajackus designed a Learning Management Systems like LearnVilla (a proprietary platform). However, companies often pick the right channel as opposed to making one. 

2. Offering challenging projects

Team members often love to be challenged as it denotes and provides an opportunity to expand their capabilities. Hence, the companies assign advanced projects and trust their people to come through. Of course, mentoring while they take up the projects goes a long way in employee growth and development. Throughout this process, the team members learn and share skills while enhancing their abilities. Moreover, the companies can attach rewards and awards to this initiative.  

3. Taking a personal interest in career goals

The companies stay attuned to their team members’ career goals and expectations. This kind of support helps the team members feel valued and recognized. Knowing how important it is to communicate, Ajackus often includes regular one-on-one meetings between the remote tech team members. This is in order to outline and align a potential career path. A consistent encouragement towards career advancement helps team members be more engaged in the company. 

4. Constructive feedback

Companies ought to offer regular feedback to their team members. A study carried out by Wakefield Research suggests that 90% of the employees benefit from constructive criticism. With a positive feedback, companies help people to perform better and add to their development. Ajackus believes that this positive reinforcement approach is a small step to bring on a big positive change. However, the key to this process is to offer enough time for your team members to grow after each feedback.

5. Soft skill development:

Soft skills are often undermined in the corporate world. However, these are closely related to personality traits. These include communication, leadership, proper delegation of work, and most importantly time management. Ajackus recognizes these soft skills in its teams and offers the right training tools to enhance them. This boosts productivity across the company.

In conclusion:

Companies keep hold of their team members with consistent efforts towards their professional as well as personal development. Successful employee retention can be accomplished by celebrating the successes of associates, offering opportunities, regular constructive feedback, and so on. The company can form its own strategies utilizing various unique methods such as Ajackus’ Partnership Program.

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